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Belly Fat Diet-How To Kill Hunger With This Powerful Homemade Hoodia Shake

by Reagan Miers

Hoodia shakes are so effective at suppressing appetite because they contain two very powerful ingredients - protein and hoodia gordonii, and what's more, both of these are totally natural. Dieters have used various protein powders as a way to suppress appetite for many years, but not many realize that a protein shake is actually strong enough on it's own to really stop hunger. If this power is combined with hoodia gordonii, then you get an exceptionally effective product.

Hoodia shakes are a quick and easy product to use, however I do have a few concerns. Firstly, it can be quite hard to find them, and there isn't much choice or variation in flavours because there are only a few products available. What is available, tends to be very expensive, which means you are paying a top price for something that is basically protein powder which has only a small amount of hoodia gordonii in each scoop.

My hoodia shake recipe will give you a shake that has a minimum of 750mg of hoodia gordonii in each scoop, which is a lot when you consider that most of the other shakes available to buy today only contain around 500mg of hoodia per scoop. By following my recipe, you will also be able to make a hoodia shake that is much cheaper than store bought shakes too.

The advantage of creating your very own hoodia shake is that you have much more control over the ingredients of your drink. You can choose whether you want to use whey or soy protein, and you can also choose your favorite flavor. Many protein powders have interesting flavours, allowing you to be as creative as you can.

The first ingredient you will need for your hoodia shake is your favourite brand of protein powder. You will be able to pick up a 2-pound tub of high quality powder relatively cheaply, and this should give you at least 30 servings. Next, you need to buy a hoodia dietary pill - make sure it contains 100% authentic hoodia gordonii as these supplements will contain around 750mg of hoodia in each pill.

Then what you do is add one scoop of your favorite protein powder to a glass of lowfat milk or water. Then pull apart one hoodia gordonii capsule and add the powder from it to your drink. The capsules will pull apart fairly easy. Then mix the drink well or blend it with ice if you want and enjoy! You've just made a tasty and highly effective appetite suppressant for much less than you'd pay for any hoodia shake available today!

The other advantage to making your own hoodia shake is that you can control the amount of protein and hoodia in each drink. You can add two scoops of protein or two hoodia gordonii capsules to your drink. It's totally up to you. You could even add some fiber for even more appetite suppression! The possibilities are endless when you make your own hoodia shake. - 21609

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