What Are The Benefits To Quick Weight Loss

by Ron

The quickest way to lose weight is through diet and exercise, period. How do you burn more calories than you take in? Starving yourself is silly because it sends your body into a low calorie burning mode, and it could cause serious health conditions.

Like so many other things slow and steady wins the race. Combining a nutritious diet with daily exercise is a long term method and the best solution for the quickest way to lose weight that is healthy. And there is no yo-yo effects that are suffered from those using the many fad diets available today.

Diet doesn't mean a diet, a short term alteration of normal eating habits. Diet means the everyday, day after day, for all the days of your life way that you eat. A good diet includes foods from each of the different food groups, taken in moderation and the right amounts. And with a well balanced diet it's easy to adjust calories down when you need to lose a few pounds temporarily.

If it sounds like a difficult endeavor consider that you likely already eat the foods that are required except the quantities are just too large quantities. For many people it's an easy matter of cutting down portion sizes to move from bad eating to good eating. Even the Ice Cream after meals or cookies can fit into a well balanced diet, if eaten in small quantities.

The three no no white foods are white bread, white rice, and sugar that can be easily replaced in your daily diet. Consuming whole grain bread instead of white bread, brown rice instead of white rice, and fruits instead of sugar rich foods are simple changes that don't require eating much less or a dramatic change to your eating habits.

The main ingredient for maintaining a well balanced diet is planning. For those that don't plan you will skip meals, that can lead to a form of binge eating. When you fail to plan you often find yourself at the mercy of a fast food restaurant or a friend whose food leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to healthy foods. Plan meals in advance, including for occasions like parties and social gatherings.

It only takes a few questions to find out what's being served and plan the days other meals accordingly to not break the bank for calories. Don't let a failure bother you. Sometimes you'll eat the wrong things. But when you get bucked off get right back on. Get back to the diet.

As for exercise perform 30 minutes of aerobic exercise seven days a week. That's the goal, don't worry if you miss a day here or there. Consider adding additional exercise to your daily routine such as parking your vehicle further from the office or store so you can have a little walk, or taking stairs to the office inplace of the elevator.

A good diet plus exercise equals the quickest way to lose weight. There is no magical wand that will make you slim with a few changes to your diet and throw in some exercise you will be well on your way to losing all those excess pounds. - 21609

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