"Remove Belly Fat"-Top 6 Tips to Burn Fat Faster Than You Could Imagine

by Thong M. Dao

If you're hoping to lose fat, there's a pretty good chance you've tried a lot of methods. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who are unhappy with their bodies don't succeed in their fat loss goals. That's because they're often using gimmicky weight loss plans that can actually damage their bodies! If you're in this boat, and you don't know how to get rid of the fat while staying healthy, here are a few tips that might get you on the right track.

1. Just like fruits, fresh vegetables are better than those that are canned. It is even better if you can eat your veggies raw. When you cook them, you cook away the nutrients. If you must cook them, try to boil them to the point that there is still some crispness to them. Also, don't soak them in butter. If you can buy organic and pesticide free veggies, that is even better.

2. Chocolates should be treated as luxury items. Buy the good stuff and only eat them every once in a while. If you really savor each morsel, you'll experience that much more joy in eating them and they will taste even better.

3. If you are able to say no to alcohol, so that's best. Alcohol beverages are not wholesome. Though a glass of red wine does give heart benefits, most are merely fattening. Beer is particularly fattening. In addition, after some drinks most folks get the munchies and whenever you are feeling a bit drunk and hungry you will not be able to make reasonable decisions considering your dieting and it is generally late at night, only before you faint from a night of drinking, that you binge. The total combination is simply not a good one.

4. Your dieting should comprise all food groups including carbohydrates. Indeed, your diet needs to be around 50 - 55% carbs. Carbs are an excellent source of energy. Diets that forbid carbs are really harming you and just making you crave those that much more. Your dieting shouldn't cause you to be insufficient in anything.

5. Fats should make up 15-20% of your meal. This is really all the fat your body needs. A lot of this is going to be in your diet in the form of cream, sugar and the like.

6. Have more white meat than red meat. White meat consists of chicken, fish and some other poultry. Red meat consists of beef and pork. - 21609

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