How to Lose Belly Fat For Teens

By Ivar Nordtveit

The prevalence of teenage obesity in developed countries such as the US is astounding. About 1 in 6 teens in the US have a weight problem to some extent and a majority of these teens will grow up to be unhealthy individuals. The best that can happen to them is that they will be overweight and less productive as adults and the worst that can happen is that they will not live to be sexagenarians.

The situation is definitely quite alarming. If you are a teenager with a weight problem, you have to take it head-on right now, because as your body settles into maturity, it will become increasingly difficult to revert it to a healthy metabolic pattern.

A lot has been written about how to lose belly fat for teens, and it is not unusual for us to see different sources giving different opinions. But the truth is that losing belly fat for teens is not all that difficult because their bodies are still healthy and evolving. Something as simple as the following two-step program can help them lose their belly fat and live a healthier life for several decades ahead.


It is undeniable that a wrong diet is the biggest cause of teenage obesity. We have a lot more junk foods now than we had until a few decades ago and, whatís more, with the prevalence of supermarkets and other such outlets, getting these foods has become increasingly simple. Teenagers are gorging on these junk foods due to which they are neglecting their healthier meals at home and triggering a chain of fat deposition in their bellies.

You must know to keep away from junk foods because they are going to stay in your belly for a lot longer than you might want them to. Stay away from all the shakes, burgers, colas, pastries, pizzas and other high-calorie foods. Having them once in a week is not the problem; having them all through the day is. Mothers are right when they insist on veggies, because they contain the necessary vitamins required for the bodyís development. This development includes a good metabolism which can help remove the unwanted foods from the body.


Contrary to what you might think, exercise does not mean working out in the gym alone. Anything that you do that counts toward physical work is exercise. Whether you are helping mow the lawn or playing a game that you like, you are exercising. But sitting in front of the television or your computer chair isnít. Teenagers must ideally do something every day that breaks them into a sweat. This keeps them healthier.

You need the exercise because you have to burn out the fat thatís already present in your body. Doing a little work now is your key to living a healthier and longer life.

These are really the best guides if you are looking at how to lose belly fat for teens. Everything else is an eyewash; you have to stay as naturally healthy as you can.

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